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In this video Natalie will show you how to make a flower crown. Creating flower crowns is a simple skill that allows you to get creative, practice and play.

If you ever find yourself stuck, reach out! We are always happy to answer questions.

Gather your materials


If you plan on following along with this video and making your own flower crown, please gather a few supplies.

  • 24 gauge or similar wire
  • Grapevine wire or tape
  • Greens
  • Flowers
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Clippers



Flower Crown

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  Making a Flower Crown
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History of the Flower Crown


Flower crowns can be traced all the way back to Greek and Roman civilizations during ancient times. While the circle shape often represented eternity, the flowers selected to adorn the crowns were chosen to reflect each varieties' specific meaning. Laurel greenery was often used to create the foundation of the crown and a "crown of laurel" represented victory.

In the Victorian Era, flower crowns came back into fashion after Queen Victoria wore a flower crown made of orange blossoms during her wedding in 1840. The crown of orange blossoms were meant to bring Queen Victoria "good fortune" on her wedding day. I can imagine the intoxicating scent of the the flower crown was beyond transformative.

Flower crowns can be beautiful accessories but they also can hold and convey emotion and meaning. Perhaps now you will consider adding flowers with meaning to your next flower crown.